About us
Runyi Technologies is a state-level high-tech enterprise, which is based on the research and development of Internet of Things technology, combined with artificial intelligence, cloud computing and large data analysis applications, focusing on providing customers with intelligent and safe overall solutions. Runyi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Runxing Intelligent Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Xiongan Runyi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Runyi Jianlu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Runyi Intelligent Technology (Xi'an) Co., Ltd.
The company has established strategic cooperative relations with well-known universities and scientific research institutions at home and abroad, established academician expert workstations, China-Israel technology research and development center, safety and intelligence application innovation research institute, etc., and actively carried out forward-looking, high-level scientific cooperation. The company has won more than 100 patents and software copyrights, initiated the establishment of World Internet of Things Day, Shandong Province Security Intelligent Management Professional Committee and other institutions, and won the honors of leading enterprises in key industries MORE>>
Service Advantage
We have a large number of senior professional technicians, R&D managers and well-known experts in the industry. 
Technical Advantage
We have R&D centers, academician expert workstations, engineering laboratories and more than ten domestic universities and foreign scientific...
Management Advantage
As a leading brand in the field of safety and intelligent management in China, we have built a management innovation system covering organization
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