Shizhong district leaders visit runyi technology to promote the progress of major national science and technology projects

Time: 2019-07-18 17:37:40

Shizhong district leaders visit runyi technology to promote the progress of major national science and technology projects

On July 2, 2019, the district party committee secretary yong-jun han from the jinan area, water quality monitoring center of shandong province, mount tai scholars rui-bao jia, director of the nine leaders, experts, such as a line to embellish a science and technology, intelligent management major is national security projects the work to be born, academician workstation run visit and carried on the thorough discussion.

Rui-bao jia first introduced the visit together, director of the water quality monitoring center management team as well as the advantages, at the same time, said the center member of academician workstation rocket troops li-an hou very much like their own achievements and technology in shandong transformation, contribute for the people of shandong, the to embellish a is the robot wants to explore confirm li-an hou academician security project arrangements for landing. Later, liu lida, chairman of runyi technology, also introduced to the visiting leaders and experts the development of the company in recent years and the development and promotion of security intelligence.
Through friendly consultation, the two sides reached a consensus on the standardization and standardization of the security intelligent management project to promote to the whole country; The two sides also agreed to implement the technology and project with a pragmatic attitude, which has core technology and practical application value, and make contributions to the people of quality city, jinan city and the whole country, and become a model project of artificial intelligence +, contributing to the high-quality development of society.

Secretary yong-jun han first welcomed the rui-bao jia director of a line, from the representative area to embellish the development of science and technology in the Internet of things, big data, high and new technology such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing security intelligent management platform based on said the full affirmation, lip and said a location in downtown district focus on the development of industry of science and technology planning, to boost construction downtown, security wisdom city, old and new kinetic energy transformation first demonstration area construction is of great significance, says this reasonably, full support, the development of the high quality project, Korea's secretary for several parties cooperation, the future of the project said full support, more important, given the historical mission and development opportunities, It can be promoted nationwide as a demonstration project.
Finally, secretary han yongjun also inquired about the operation of runyi science and technology academician workstation in detail, and said that runyi science and technology is the leading enterprise in key industries supported by the district, and the district committee and the district government will certainly give full support and service.