Runyi Technology's "Home" Year of the Summer | Starting from the Heart Let Love Go Home

Time: 2019-08-26 11:56:36

From July 31st to August 2nd, the three-day Runyi Technology 2019 will be held in Jinan. The families from all over the country will return to Jinan to gather in Jinxiang Mountain to spend the summer “home”.

The most popular summer night carnival will be from day to night, and face-to-face communication will make us more close and feel the warmth and joy of this big family.

Welcome to the family to enter the market


Meeting moment


Celebrating the family


There is no such thing as a thousand miles, no accumulation of small streams can not become a river. Recalling the days along the way, we have passed through the tears and sweat, and we have become a family that we love each other and support each other. The past years have made people cry, and the road ahead is worth fighting for.


The night bonfire carnival will push the atmosphere of the night to another climax. Run family people passionately, have joined the bonfire carnival team, holding hands, surrounded by bonfire, sing loudly, enjoy the jump, the whole bonfire scene laughter and joy into a sea of joy.


Bonfire Carnival



On the 2nd, “breaking the open and promoting the power of self-revolutionary innovation students” Runyi Technology was held in August 2019.


Morale show champion team

Morale shows wonderful moments


All members vowed to the conference hall


Honor moment


Run Yixin's family turned positive


Sum up the past, think about the present, and win in the future. Past honours are both transcripts and mobilization orders. The youthful years are endless, the fresh clothes are raging, and we work hand in hand with Runyi Technology to create a better tomorrow.