Congratulations on the grand meeting of the second academic conference of the logistics professional committee of the Shandong Provincial Hospital Quality Management Alliance

Time: 2019-09-02 12:00:08

In order to further promote the reform and innovation of hospital logistics management, and build the Shandong brand of wisdom and humanities hospital, from August 31 to September 1, 2019, the second academic conference of Shandong Provincial Hospital Quality Management Alliance Logistics Professional Committee was in Shandong First Medical University. The First Affiliated Hospital-Qianfoshan Hospital was successfully held. This meeting was hosted by the Shandong Provincial Hospital Quality Management Alliance Logistics Professional Committee and co-organized by Qianfoshan Hospital of Shandong Province. More than 200 representatives from all over the province attended the meeting and conducted the hospital quality. Management training.

Under the development trend of “Healthy China” intelligent hospitals, the management and service concepts of modern hospitals have undergone major changes. Hospital logistics management has become an important part of medical reform. Through the transformation of hospital development strategies, the transformation of hospital management concepts, hospital clinical and logistics Smart links between departments.

Deputy Director of Shandong Provincial Health and Health Commission, Mr. Yan Chunliang, delivered an opening speech for the Quality Alliance


Case experience academic exchange

“Modern hospital logistics refined management and innovation”

Taikang Southwest Medical Center, West China Hospital, Sichuan University


“One-stop center service and safe production management”

Xinhua Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine

Chongming Branch Zhu Kai


“Digital Intelligence Leads the Future and Empowers Safety Management”

Liu Yida, Chairman of Runyi Technology


"Internet of Things helps smart logistics construction"

Qianfoshan Hospital Xu Cuiping


"Internet + background hospital wisdom logistics construction

Practice and thinking"

Shanghai Huashan Hospital Hou Zhanwei


"Smart Hospital and Logistics Logistics Management"

Shenzhen University General Hospital Fu Xiaoyuan


“Building two cultures based on two tools,

Building a happy hospital"

Shandong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Li Jihua


"2,0 of hospital logistics fine management"

Affiliated Hospital of Jining Medical College Xu Huazhu


"Using information technology to promote the refined management of hospital logistics,

Enhance quality service brand"

Taian Central Hospital Zhang Fuyong


"Internet + promote the modern logistics construction and development of hospitals"

Linyi People's Hospital Lu Zhihe


"Medical fabric management "core" ideas"

Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University, Wang Mingming


"Hospital architecture and culture talk"

Shandong Provincial Doctors Association Sun Hongjun



Security technology Smart future

"With the further development of technologies such as Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and 5G networks, digitalization will empower hospitals to be safely and intelligently built, and further enhance the safety and efficiency of hospitals with a smart management model. Runyi firmly adheres to intelligent security management. As a strategic choice, development has continuously deepened the research and development and innovation of technology, continued the construction of information technology, and actively promoted the construction of safety and intelligence."


                   ——Run Yi Technology Chairman of Liu Lida


Participants visited the First Affiliated Hospital of Shandong First Medical University (Qianfoshan Hospital) Medical Automation Security Management Platform